Mindfulness Coaching

I offer mindfulness coaching to groups and private, one-on-one instruction.

I teach Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system because it’s the most practical and effective approach available. I'm not saying that because I'm trying to sell you on it. Well, okay, I'm obviously trying to sell you on it a little. But that remark isn’t reckless or bombastic. I've spent more than a decade investigating many different meditative traditions and approaches and found Unified Mindfulness to be the most complete and robust by far. So that’s an educated statement on my part.

UM joins the most rigorous and potent meditation techniques of the East with the latest cutting-edge Western scientific research. The fruit of this hybrid is a contemporary, highly-efficient mindfulness system, with positive results that can be examined equally in daily life and under the microscope. Or fMRI, as the case may be. UM is a dogma-free regimen of mental fitness that works with any philosophy or none at all. Specific beliefs are not necessary.

This universal practice helps rewire the brain for happiness independent of circumstances. It’s been shown to ease insomnia, decrease stress and anxiety, promote overall well-being, and just sort of make you awesome in general. It can lead all the way to classical liberation or simply boost concentration, clarity, and equanimity so you can experience and enjoy life as fully as possible. You have the raw materials and UM is the toolbox.

What you choose to build is up to you. I can help. I offer personalized mindfulness instruction based on your objectives and the specific goals that you set. Together, we'll build a creative practice tailored just for you.

I teach locally in central Kentucky and meet over Skype with clients anywhere in the world. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment.  

brent r. oliver

Lexington, Kentucky